Sunday, March 9, 2008

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Website promotion is lifting away from the amateur website builder and fast becoming a system where only the professionals or the very lucky few can build sufficient quality related site links to your site in a quick time. The problem being that people who design websites now have to encompass the ability to produce not just a well optimized site, but a site that will attract good quality links.

For some people link building is a very slow methodical process and it takes a long time to establish your website as an authority on your particular niche. What you need is to be able to find and post to all the relevant websites and blogs that are related to your niche. The ideal situation would be to have a program the works by searching the web for blogs on your subject.

Blogs are everywhere now and some carry a substantial page rank by having a program that collects the information about all the appropriate blogs on your subject by looking in the likes of blogger, yahoo and msn and then you can sort out the required blogs via page rank or relevance and then post to these then that would be exceptional. At the moment there is only one package that I know that provides this exceptional service that is trackback spider. This program allows the user to set up specific keyword databases of blogs and then sort them and then post to them using a posting service. This program is able to provide a good rate of quality back links to your site at a rapid rate.

By providing good links to your site you can quickly establish a keyword and anchor text domination of your niche. This provides you with the ability to generate significant income from being able to dominate a search engine for your niche and then to reap the benefits of a top ranking website. Trackback spider also allows you to post internal links from your website.

By posting your internal links from your site you can effectively encourage the website spiders to come and index all of your web pages quicker. By having all your web pages spidered you are significantly increasing your web presence and traffic. Trackback spider also pings all the blogs it posts to therefore encouraging lots of spiders to all the blogs all over the web that they have been updated and there is fresh content that requires their attention.

Trackback spider allows you to add lots of variations of anchor text and it's these anchor text keywords which will allow you to dominate your niche. By creating lots of good anchor text to your site on high page rank sites produce an uplifting effect on your website traffic. Trackback spider allows you to target either high page rank websites or closely related websites which will become more significant as search engines evolve.

I find that this is one of the most essential tools within the webmasters arsenal and I find that it is an extremely useful for being able to produce good links to my websites and produce good links for my clients that require both SEO and link building. Trackback spider is the key tool in my web strategy and I can only suggest check out it's features and ability to lift your website from the bottom to the top by steady progress of good quality link building and automatic pinging.

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